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Our Features

What makes us superior

Chops & Clips was built specifically to help resellers at all levels of their career. Whether you're an og, or a newbie, Chops & Clips is the home for you.

Groupbuys & Giveaways

We’ve partnered with some of the most sought after Beta Bots, Proxy Providers, and Trading Groups to provide you with exclusive opportunities to build your arsenal with the best tools available. There's no such thing as OOS when you're dealing with our partnerships!

Release Guides

Know the what, when, and where for every shoe, every time. With detailed site lists so you can map out your plan, and insider advice on the best way to cop each pair on drop day.


Bust your raffle bot out and be ready to get your submissions in! Our raffle monitors provide the freshest raffle links from over 4,500 stores. Putting you in the winner's race and giving you the best advantage of winning the most hyped raffles!

Buy, Hold, Sell Predictions

Should you sell your shoes today, or 1 year from today? Our analysts observe the current market and historical sales data to develop key metrics on whether you should hold onto a shoe or sell it now for the highest profit!

The King of Bot Restocks

With custom built Twitter monitors coupled with WUUP monitors, we give our members the highest advantage of (finally) securing bots at retail price! If only we've had built some sort of custom bots to use with our monitors….oh, wait...

The Fastest Monitors in the Industry

Covering ALL major outlets such as Footsites, Shopify, Finishline/JD, Dicks, Target, Best Buy, and Walmart. Our monitors pick up products and notify you within (literal) milliseconds. Making sure you’re the first one taking stock on each and every release! Easily integrate your NSB or any auto-task creation bot with our monitors and watch the clips roll in!

Bot Flipping

Bot prices fluctuate. Leaving room for them to be traded like stocks! Join professional bot flippers and receive in depth Calls and market predictions. Giving you every piece of information needed to build a portfolio of bots that will make you some fat profit after each flip!


Whether you’re trying to catch’em all during Pokemon drops, getting ready to de-de-de-duel with Yu-Gi-Oh cards, or learning to hit a home run with the best Sports Cards. Our ‘Card Flipping’ channels include specialists in all arenas and will have you ready to flip decks all the way to the bank!

1 on 1 Coaching & Botting Classes

We have a team of OG botters, each one with THOUSANDS of checkouts under their belts and deep-levels of experience with every bot in the industry. You’ll be able to learn from the best, in an individual environment, or in our bi-weekly botting classes, to gain the various skills needed to become one of the best botters in the game!

Lowkey Flips

Ever made $150 of profit from flipping a mini fridge? what about $200 of profit from flipping a comic book? Well, our members just did, and we’re going to teach you how to do it as well! Our multiple ‘Lowkey Flips’ channels include the most over-looked and unthought of products that are nothing less than golden nuggets waiting for you to cash in. Buying low and selling high is the name of the game, and you’re going to learn how to do that with more than just shoes!

Our In-House Bots


Our ATC Extension, nicknamed “The Xtender”, is an Auto-Checkout extension bot that supports all Shopify sites, Supreme, and Stripe checkouts, along with a host of AIO features and custom scripts. Taking stock couldn’t get easier than this!

Chop's Toolbox

A tool that includes every essential that a botter could ever need! Everything from a One-Click harvester, Proxy Tester, Browser Spoofer, and Profile Converter. All the way to an Auto-Link Opener, VCC Generator, Account Generator, and Sales Tracker. Just think of having AYCD on steroids! And guess what? It’s 100% FREE with your membership!


Official Chops & Clips Partners

Chops & Clips is partnered with some of the biggest brands and providers in the industry! And if we’re partnered with them, that means YOU’RE partnered with them. We provide you with the benefits of exclusive Group Buys, Licenses, and Invites that these companies only give to their fellow partners!



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Join Us

If this sounds good, just imagine how much we had to leave out! Our website would be 100-scrolls long if we included the sheer amount of features we offer for our members (no cap). Not to mention at the lowest price of any other cook group around!

Cook Groups like ours usually charge their members $60 or MORE per month (we’ve seen it too many times!)

But we believe all resellers should have access to the vast amount of benefits we provide, without being charged an arm and a leg for them!


What tools are provided for members?

Man, where do we begin?! How about our lightning fast monitors that notify you about restocks and fresh drops in under 100ms. What about our In depth botting and reselling guides that teach you everything you need to know from A to Z. Or how about the 7 different Low Key flip providers that scour the internet finding you mega-profitable items to cash in on! Wait, did we mention the 3 custom built Bots that you get free access to with your membership? That’s right, FREE BOTS that you can use to absolutely destroy ANY release! Tbh, we could make a 100-scroll-long website just to list off the sheer amount of TOOLS you get inside of our group. Seriously!

Do you guys provide legit checks?

Yes we do! We’ve recruited some of the BEST and most experienced legit checkers to help you verify if your shoes are real or fake. Just send in a few pictures of your shoes, or of the shoes you’re planning to buy, then sit back and wait for the results! Our legit checkers are able to tell you with 99% accuracy if your shoes are legit or not!

Do Chops & Clips have any partnerships?

Oh boy do we ever! Our partnership list is LOADED with the biggest and baddest Bots, Proxies, and Tools in the industry. Everything from Nike Shoe Bot (NSB), Lightning ATC, and The Sh*t Bot (TSB), all the way to Scarlet Proxies and 10x Servers! Chops & Clips is backed by the biggest companies in the entire industry. All of them here to provide you with even MORE opportunities to be the best reseller that you can be!

Do you only provide Sneaker information?

Nope! We provide the most clutch information for practically ALL categories of reselling. If it makes you profit, we’ve got the down-low on it! That means we provide you with information on every single category you could possibly need, such as: Sports Cards, Pokémon/Yu-Gi-Oh, FUNKO, Hot Wheels, Action Figures, Comic Books, GPU/Computers, Artwork/Paintings, Bot Flipping/Investing, and (literally) dozens more!

Is there a monthly fee to be a member?

Well, barely (lol). We provide the same tools that you find in $60/month groups, and $90/month groups! And to be honest, we have info that not even THEY have. In order to keep the gears grinding, we ask for a very small membership fee in order to join. Our memberships are only 50 bucks and we guarantee it will be the best money you’ve ever spent!

Do you guys host Giveaways and Groupbuys?

Of course! We do both Giveaways and Group Buys for extremely coveted items like Bots, Proxies, Group Invites, Rare sneakers, and TONS more. Our members are able to build their arsenals with tools that most botters DREAM of having access to!

Do you guys provide ACO slots?

We sure do! We’ve put together a heavy-hitting team of slot runners that absolutely DESTROY releases for all of our members. 100 clips? More like 500 clips! Our slot runners are pros, and it shows! Are you international? It doesn’t matter! Our slot runners hit releases in every major country, including: USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia

Can you guys help me setup my bot?

Of course! Our members have secured over $250k in profits, and most of them purchased their first bots after they joined our group. So, not only do we help you setup your bots, we give you 1 on 1 coaching and teach you how to absolutely COOK every single release. The more you learn, the more you cop, the more you PROFIT!

Do I need to own a bot to join your group?

Nope! We have plenty of ‘Manual’ members that cop just as many sneakers as our members with bots! Our release guides and in depth manuals were created specifically to support botters AND manual users.